GRAVIOLA  Antioxidant Supplement
GRAVIOLA  Antioxidant Supplement

GRAVIOLA Antioxidant Supplement

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1 Bottle of Graviola 1000 mg (60 capsules) original

Graviola, a.k.a. Soursop known for its mild sedative properties, is the fruit of Annona muricata, a broad leaf, flowering, evergreen tree native to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America and parts of South East Asia. Graviola has long been used around the world as a source of nutrition and to support general well-being. In recent decades, Graviola has been the subject of over 20 laboratory tests for its cell protective qualities and benefits in cancer treatment. Each year scientific research continues to uncover even more exciting potential health benefits from Graviola.
The Graviola tree has large, dark green leaves and can grow to heights of 15 to 18 feet. The green, spiky, heart-shaped Graviola fruit has a unique flavor combining tart citrus notes with a sweet creaminess. The soft white flesh of this delicious fruit is perfect for making juices and other tasty desserts.